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Biology, not Chemistry

Biological approach to humane pest control and deterrence is a secure and natural management of their presence and abundance. The use of natural enemies such as natural predators and parasites decreases the chemical pollution of the environment.

Selectivity of natural enemies is an advantage of biological control because it reduces pests without using harmful chemicals. In that way, utilization of biological control significantly decreases the production of new harmful chemicals. In contrast to conventional pesticides which can affect birds, fish, insects and mammals, biocides affect only target organisms. They dissolve quickly so that exposing time is shorter, which solves the problem of increasing pollution.

Side effects, both on nature and people who use biological means of protection, make people change their “chemical” habits. Preserving the food chain in nature and biodiversity have to be imperatives. 

Development of new formulations

Introducing new technologies in the process of biocides formulation aims at creating formulations which will enable controlled transfer of active substance to the site of action. Biocides of new generation are formulated by nano-technology and micro-encapsulation.

In the process of micro-encapsulation, the nucleus, which consists of the active substance, is protected by the membrane or the capsule of the size of one up to several hundreds microns. This makes it possible to control the release of the main material. On the other hand, formulation by using nano-technology enables targeted import of the active substance in the shape of nano particles to the site of action, with the minimal loss.

Commercial use of new technologies influences the development of ecological and economical awareness, while it decreases the doses of used biocides, controls their release, having fewer losses as a result. 

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