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"Bio-ekoloski centar" Zrenjanin


"Bio-ekoloski centar" Ltd. was founded in 1947, by the name of “Institute of Servo Mihalj”, as the development centre of conglomerate “Servo Mihalj”. Until recapitalization in 2001, it changed several names and forms of organization. Today, “Bio-ecological Centre” Ltd. is 100% owned by the American company “Bio Insect Technologies” Ltd. 


There are over 50 employees in the "Bio-ecological Centre", over 50% of whom are highly qualified experts in the fields of chemistry, technology, biology, IT technology, agriculture, etc. 

Upravna zgrada

“Bio-ecological Centre” consists of the following sectors:

·         General Business Sector

·         Production Sector

·         Development Sector

In the whole of its expertise, the company applies the system of management which is in accordance with the standards SRPS ISO 9001:2008.


Ecology and environment protection are the essence, direction and the aim of the “Bio-ecological Centre”. Our mission is to provide support to our clients with the quality products and services, applying global norms in business operations, introducing new technological achievements and constantly improving our knowledge and skills. 



The vision of the “Bio-ecological centre” is to be a leader and to keep the leading position in production and providing services in domestic, as well as in European market.