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The big golden medal for innovations

for biological preparation K-STOP used against mosquito larvae




On the 78th International Agricultural Fair, “Bio-ecological Centre” won:

The big golden medal for innovation for biological preparation K-Stop used against mosquito larvae

The big champion trophy “Best in Agro-business”

for environment protection, development and production of biological preparations



On the 78th International Agricultural Fair, “Bio-ecological Centre” won:

The big champion trophy ‘BEST IN AGRO-BUSINESS” for environment protection, development and production of biological preparations.

After heavy spring rains

Mosquitoes are coming, defense at the ready!


Treating mosquitoes in Zrenjanin municipality has so far been successful. However, after heavy rains in the region, the critical period is yet to come – says Dušanka Đukić, a director of “Žitohem”, a company in charge of suppression of these harmful insects. – So far, larvicide’s biological preparations that inhibit the development of mosquito larvae have been heavily used – says the director of “Žitohem”. – The actions of treating were done by a biological preparation “K-Stop”, whose manufacturer is “Bio-ecological Centre”.

This preparation is used within the Province of Vojvodina with the aim of preventing proliferation of the grown-up forms of mosquitoes in the first place, while at the same time applying less chemical preparations. Biological preparations are more expensive than chemical. They are equally efficient, but the advantage is that they protect flora and fauna. That is the reason why both the Province and Zrenjanin municipality decided to use those preparations extensively. This year, budget of Zrenjanin municipality for treatments of mosquitoes will provide around 16 million RSD, according to the three-year long contract with the best bidder for this work.

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Zrenjanin “Bio-ecological Centre” has expanded its capacities


Last week, in Zrenjanin’s company “Bio-ecological Centre” Ltd. during the visit of the president of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, Bojan Pajtić, and other officials of the provincial government, a new manufacturing plant was opened for producing biological pesticides of new generation. This project was realized in cooperation with the Provincial Executive Council and the Secretariat for Science and Technological Development, which co-financed the built of the new plant. The project was part of the provincial strategic plan for introduction and development of new technologies. The value of the investment is over 70 million RSD.

The importance of the new investment project in Bio-ecological Centre is best recognized in the fact that this company is the only manufacturer of biological pesticides in this part of Europe. There is no significant competition in the world market concerning biological insecticides that are produced and registered in this company. There are only two companies in the world that deal with this kind of production. In addition, bio-pesticides produced in BEC are almost half cheaper than the foreign ones, while being 30% more efficient when compared to the competitive preparations

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Opening of the manufacturing plant of “Bio-ekoloski centar”


Coverage by TV Panonija.