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The world's cleanest countries

In the last two decades, deteriorating health of the mother Earth attracts more and more attention. Countries fight together to protect the environment, from protecting the fishing places, to trying to reduce global warming. We are the witnesses of the Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty that sets binding obligations on industrialised countries to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. The protocol was adopted on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan, and entered into force on 16 February 2005.

Despite the fact that the idea for the cleaner world gets almost universal support (USA is one of a few countries that did not succeed in adopting the Kyoto protocol), according to the Environmental Performance Index (EPI) mainly rich countries enjoy in intact environment.


EPI (Environmental Performance Index) is developed at the University of Columbia and Yale in order to emphasize the world’s cleanest countries and to be able to rate and improve devotion to protecting the environment. 

The world’s cleanest countries