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Production of biological biocides is one of the steps that “Bio-ekoloski centar” takes in order to help protecting the environment and disseminating the conception of organic protection in plant breeding. We are the only manufacturers of biological insecticides on the basis of bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis and fungicides on the basis of bacteria Bacillus subtilis in this part of Europe. We have been dealing with a research, development and production of biological insecticides for several years already. 

As a result of this work, we are able to offer four biological biocides which can be applied in agriculture, forestry and communal hygiene. 

  1. K-STOP SC and K-STOP G are highly selective biological insecticides aimed at suppressing mosquito larvae
  2. D-STOP is a biological larvicide aimed at suppressing butterfly caterpillars; it can be applied in agriculture and forestry
  3. F-STOP SC is a biological fungicide. 



Bio-insecticides are preparations based on the biologically active substances aimed at suppressing pests. There are multiple advantages of using our products in comparison to the chemical, synthetic pesticides:   

  • They affect only target insects
  • They are not poisonous for humans, wildlife and the environment
  • There is no occurrence of resistance 
  • There is no waiting period for the effect of the action
  • There are no leftovers on the treated material
  • They are equally efficient as chemical preparations.