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Highly-selective biological insecticide for suppressing mosquito larvae in the open space


Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. israelensis spores and crystals

  Stop komarci!

K-STOP is applicable in stagnant and flowing waters (rivers, ponds, lakes and fishponds), waste waters and temporary water surfaces (street canals, floodwaters).


K-STOP is a highly-selective biological insecticide which acts in a digestive tract of the mosquito larvae. The preparation becomes active right after it is applied in water and the active substance is ingested in the organism of mosquito larvae.


The active component consist of δ–endotoksin of protein nature synthesized by a bacterium during the sporulation. After the endotoxin is ingested in a digestive tract of a target insect, it decomposes into toxic subunits and causes the lysis of the cells of intestinal walls. After 4 – 24 hours it comes to the complete intestinal paralysis, cessation of feeding and the larvae die.


Application is recommended in periods of the most intensive feeding and active development of larvae. The best efficiency is achieved when the larvae are in the second and third larvae stadium, that is, when they are intensively feeding. The larvae of the Aedes kind are developed after the river floods, the appearance of subterranean waters and floods. In communities, all the places that accumulate water (street canals, wells, barrels, tree trunks, swimming-pools, fountains, containers) are the perfect places for the development of the Culex kind of mosquitoes during the whole season.

K-STOP is not classified as dangerous.


It is not toxic for birds.

Treating the hives did not have toxic effects on the bees, or the produced honey.

It does not harm fish or non-targeted aquatic entomofauna.




User manual 

User manual

​Safety Data Sheet

​Safety Data Sheet


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